Kharmas 2024: Significance, Dates, and Practices

Kharmas 2024
Kharmas 2024

Kharmas 2024: Kharmas, an astrological phenomenon deeply rooted in Hindu beliefs, holds significant importance in determining auspicious and inauspicious times for various activities. In 2024, Kharmas in March will commence on the 14th as the Sun transits into Pisces, lasting until April 13th. This period, occurring twice a year is marked by the Sun's movement into Jupiter's zodiac signs of Sagittarius or Pisces, known respectively as Dhanurmas and Meenmas.

What is Kharmas?

Kharmas, also referred to as Guruvaditya period, occurs during December-January (Dhanurmas) and March-April (Meenmas). It signifies a time when the Sun is considered to be engaged in service to its Guru, diminishing its influence on auspicious activities. Kharmas is marked by a halt in significant events like marriages, tonsure ceremonies, and housewarmings, while worship and service to deities, Brahmins, and cows are encouraged.

Practices During Kharmas

  1. Worship and Service: Devotees are urged to engage in worship and service to gods, Vedas, Brahmins, Gurus, cows, and sadhus.

  2. Lord Vishnu Worship: Lord Vishnu is revered during Kharmas, with daily recitation of Vishnusahastranam and the Gita believed to please Goddess Lakshmi.

  3. Purity and Austerity: Observing purity of mind and body, consuming one meal a day, eating on leaves, and sleeping on the ground are recommended practices.

  4. Avoiding Auspicious Works: It is advised to refrain from initiating auspicious activities during Kharmas due to their potentially unfavorable outcomes.

Why Auspicious Works are Avoided in Kharmas?

The belief stems from the notion that during Kharmas, the Sun, by entering Jupiter's zodiac signs, focuses on serving its Guru, thereby diminishing its influence on worldly affairs. This reduced influence is thought to lead to unfavorable outcomes for auspicious activities undertaken during this period.


Kharmas, which is a fundamental component of Hindu astrology and beliefs, defines lucky and unlucky times. It is crucial for devoted followers to comprehend its significance and observe the established customs during this time. Hindu communities experience a time of renewed hope and prosperity as Kharmas shift into more auspicious periods and the resumption of significant life events

Kharmas 2024
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Kharmas 2024
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Kharmas 2024
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