Priyanka Gandhi Slams Centre Over Rising Fuel Prices

Priyanka Gandhi Slams Centre Over Rising Fuel Prices

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra hit out at ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over the ever increasing fuel prices. Sharing a newspaper clipping on Twitter, she said that petrol and diesel prices are more expensive than aviation turbine fuel.

In her tweet in Hindi, she said "The BJP government promised that people wearing hawai chappal (slippers) will travel in airplanes. However, the BJP has increased the fuel prices so much that now it is more difficult for the middle class to travel by road."

Aviation fuel is priced at 79/Ltr. whereas petrol prices stand at 105.84/Ltr. Petrol prices have crossed the 100 mark in most places in the country while diesel prices have crossed the mark in over a dozen states and union territories.

Rahul Gandhi also took aim at the government, posting a news clipping saying petrol prices would be 66 and diesel 55 if taxes were not increased. He tweeted "Sabka vinash, mehengaai ka vikas (destruction of all, development of rising prices)."

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