Asian Games 2023 25th September Schedule, Date, Timing and Fixtures

Asian Games 2023 25th September Schedule
Asian Games 2023 25th September Schedule

Asian Games 2023 25th September Schedule: The Asian Games 2023 India Schedule serves as a comprehensive roadmap to the exciting journey that Indian athletes are embarking upon. It's more than just a list; it's a meticulously crafted document that encapsulates the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of our nation's finest sportsmen and women. With painstaking precision, it outlines not only the events in which they will compete but also the crucial details of dates, timings, and the grand stages where they will display their prowess.

Brought to life by the diligent efforts of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), this schedule is a dynamic document that evolves with the unfolding events, ensuring that we are all in sync with the unfolding sporting spectacle. The Asian Games 2023, hosted in the vibrant city of Hangzhou, China, will be an extravaganza spanning from September 23 to October 8, 2023. This grand event will witness over 45 countries vying for glory across a staggering 40 sports, encompassing an impressive 61 disciplines, all with the ultimate goal of securing one of the coveted 481 gold medals up for grabs.

Hangzhou, the picturesque host city, will serve as the canvas upon which this sporting masterpiece unfolds, utilizing a remarkable 56 venues, both within the city limits and its immediate vicinity. Each of these venues will be imbued with the sweat, determination, and unwavering spirit of athletes from diverse corners of the continent.

What makes this particular edition of the Asian Games even more remarkable is the size of the Indian contingent, which stands at an impressive 921 individuals. This includes not just the 655 gifted athletes but also the 260 coaches and indispensable support staff who form the backbone of this formidable team. In essence, this contingent represents India's most extensive participation in the Asian Games, underlining our commitment to excellence and showcasing the collective talent, dedication, and preparation that have gone into making this momentous event a reality.

Asian Games 2023 Schedule for India on 25 September 2023

Asian Games 2023 25th September Schedule
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