Train Berth Types: A Look at the Different Choices

Know the 5 types of berths on Indian Railways.
Train Berth Types: A Look at the Different Choices

How often have you traveled by train? Even if you have traveled once or twice, you know that comfort matters. And it is important to note that you have the option of choosing the kind of seats you want, provided you book them before they get occupied by others. In Indian trains, there are different types of seats, and each of them is priced differently based on all the facilities available. 

Whenever you go to the IRCTC website or even make use of offline booking systems, you will be asked to specify the kind of seats. In that case, you really need to know the differences between available seats and classes of tickets. This will help in choosing the right kind of seat for your train journey. In this article, we will talk about the types of berths available on Indian trains. 

5 types of berths on Indian trains you must know about

Upper Berth(UB):

This is specifically meant for lying down during the entire journey. If you are sure that you only want to rest or sleep, you can choose a seat in the upper berth. Nobody will disturb you for sure. However, you will not be able to enjoy any view during the journey. 

Middle Berth(MB):

This is probably the least comfortable berth. The occupant of a middle berth is dependent on the lower berth passenger. One must therefore conform to the whims and fancies of the lower berth. The only possible benefit is that they are the ones closest to switches and charging points, giving people the chance to take advantage of the proximity and always have their laptops and smartphones charged.

Lower Berth(LB):

The lower berth is the most accommodating for all types of passengers. Therefore, lower berth allotments can be useful for someone who has a habit of getting off at every station or occasionally using the restroom. You have a second table that you can use as a dining table or a place to store your laptop. Yes, the constant movement of other passengers during the daytime makes it a little messy, but again, your luck. 

Side Upper:

In terms of head space, this is a little more comfortable than the upper berth.

Side Lower:

Receiving a side lower berth seems ideal, but there are a few ifs and buts. While one can appreciate the natural beauty of the surrounding area, a side berth would make you feel a little exposed, especially in an AC 3-tier where there are no curtains. A lower-side berth may or may not have access to a charging port. Additionally, if you are sitting with your leg hanging, you might get hurt whenever there is movement with the luggage. 

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