Assam: A team of NHRC to Inspect Jails

Assam: A team of NHRC to Inspect Jails

No Doctors in 17 Jails, No Jailors in 18 Jails in Assam

A team of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) will visit the Tezpur Central Jail for inspection as allegations have been made that the jail inmates have faced many problems due to massive irregularities done by the jailor and jail superintendent.

Allegationshave also been made against the jails in Assam that the jailors and jailsuperintendents have done massive irregularities in the jails.

It has been alleged that the inmates are not being provided with sufficient foods. It has also come to light that many private businessmen have received permission to set up a business establishment in the Tezpur jail premises for their interests.

Moreover, ithas been reported that out of the 31 jails in the state, 17 jails have nodoctors and that the jail inmates do not get proper treatment whenevernecessary. There are also not sufficient numbers of vehicles and policepersonnel to take the ill inmates to hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile,there are also no Jailors in 18 jails. Moreover, there are 36 posts lyingvacant for Chief Warden while 24 posts lying vacant for chief female warden inthe jails.

On the other hand, the Tinsukia jail is running only with nine watchmen while in Dibrugarh jail there are only 16 watchmen although there are 32 posts of watchman in the jail. In Guwahati Central Jail there are only 29 watchmen which are quite low for a jail which has more than 100 inmates.

It has also been alleged that the jail inmates do not get the proper amount of food which they should get. The jailors and superintendents have secret understanding with the suppliers and with their understanding instead of providing fresh vegetables daily they provide vegetables for one week at a lower price.

In order toinspect the jails, the National Human Rights Commission will visit the jailsand the team will visit Guwahati Central Jail on September 16, as per report.

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