Global Risk of Coronavirus Reached Highest Level: WHO

Global Risk of Coronavirus Reached Highest Level: WHO
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The WorldHealth Organization (WHO) has said that the global risk of the contagious anddeadly coronavirus outbreak has been upgraded to the highest level of riskassessment.

According to WHO, there was still a  chance of containing the virus if its chain of transmission was broken.

WHO Chief,Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that most cases could still be traced, andthere was no evidence of the virus spreading freely in communities.

Dr. Tedrosfurther stated that fear and misinformation were the biggest challenges toovercome.

More than 50 countries have now reported cases of Coronavirus, where Iceland, Nigeria, Mexico, New Zealand, Belarus, and the Netherlands have witnessed their first cases.

According tothe Chinese state health committee, the death toll from the novel coronavirusdisease in mainland China has risen by 47 to 2,835 and the number of confirmedcases has increased by 427 to 79,251.

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