Nepal Flood: At least 43 Dead, 24 Missing

Nepal Flood: At least 43 Dead, 24 Missing

The flood in Nepal has also reached dangerous levelkilling at least 43 people, including 18 women and 20 others injured. Landslidesalso triggered by torrential rains in various parts of Nepal, according topolice officials.

According to the Himalayan Times report, twenty-four people have been reported missing in the rain-related incidents that displaced settlements and disrupted vehicular traffic.

Heavy rainfall triggered Nepal since Thursday whichhit more than 25 districts in the hills as well as the southern plains of thecountry affecting 10,385 households.

Police said that they have rescued 1,104 people fromseveral places across the country with 185 from Kathmandu alone. "A total of27, 380 police personnel have been deployed across the country for search andrescue operations," police informed.

Meanwhile, the Flood Forecasting Section (FFS) saidthat the monsoon is active and the rainfall will continue for another two-threedays in most places across the country.

However, the Meteorological Forecasting Division alsowarned the public to remain on high alert and said that air and road trafficcould be affected due to low visibility.

The water levels in the rivers have increased due toincessant rains which triggered since Thursday. FFS, however, said that waterlevel in Bagmati, Kamala, Saptakoshi and its tributary the Sunkoshi has crossedthe danger mark.

The Kathmandu Post reported that over the last three days, the country has witnessed heavy rainfall in an indication of the changing rainfall pattern. The country is receiving more rainfall in a short duration of time–an abnormal phenomenon that is slowly becoming a new normal.

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