Assam Polls: Massive Fight In 8 Constituencies In Upper Assam

Assam Polls: Massive Fight In 8 Constituencies In Upper Assam

Just five days before the first phase of Assam Assembly Election, the political game in Upper Assam has become very interesting. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Minister Amit Shah, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and other star campaigners of different political parties have already stepped up their campaigns in support for their party.

The first phase of elections will be held at 47 legislative assembly constituencies spreading over 12 districts in Upper and Central Assam on March 27.

The election mode in Upper Assam has changed soon after the Congress made an alliance with the AIUDF.

Election in the constituencies of Sadiya, Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, Lahowal, Chabuwa, Digboi, Margherita, Doom Dooma, Duliajan, Naharkatia, Moran election will going to be attractive.

As per Asomiya Pratidin report, Doom Dooma constituency is under congress lead and Naharkatiya by Asom Gana  Parishad. On the other hand, left 9 constituencies are under occupation of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

It may be mentioned that earlier in the 2016 elections the BJP alliance had achieved remarkable success in the Upper Assam constituency by the Modi power. But this time, the path to victory for BJP will not to be smooth in constituencies like Naharkatia, Duliajan, Sadia, Lahuwal, Doom Domma, Chabua etc.

There have many reasons why the BJP government is not clear way to win in the above constituencies, those are: Some BJP leaders have filed nominations after deprived of party tickets, the frustrating people who were being deprived of beneficiary schemes, the drama in the name of increasing the wages of tea garden workers by Rs 50 etc.

Sadiya Constituency:

In the 2021 Sadiya Assembly elections, Bolin Chetia of BJP will contest against Lakhin Chandra Chetia of Congress, Jagadish Bhuyan of Assam Jatiya Parishad, independent candidate Rijumoni Gogoi, Lalit Deuri.

The Sadiya Assembly Constituency of Assam state is currently held by Bolin Chetia of BJP, who has intensified his campaign by his money power, man power in the constituency. In parallel, Lakhin Chancdra Chetia, Jagadish Bhuyan have also bang with their massive campaign in the constituency.

It may be stated that in the 2016 Assam Assembly Elections, Chetia has beat Birinchi Neog of Congress by 6,566 votes. But this time Chetia's  win will not be easy for the strong candidates like Lakhin Chancdra Chetia, Jagadish Bhuyan.

Lahowal Constituency:

In the 2021 Lahowal Assembly elections, Binod Hazarika of BJP will contest against Manoj Dhanowar of Congress, Assam Jatiya Parishad Likhon Baruah.

The Lahowal Assembly Constituency of Assam state is currently held by Rituparna Baruah of BJP. In the 2016 Assam Assembly Elections, he beat Prithibi Majhi of Congress. Rituparna Baruah got 53.86 percent of the votes. Binod Hazarika has been forced to contest in Lahowal in the ticket politics cycle.

The winning score depends largely on how the people will accept the new candidate Binod Hazarika.

Chabua Constituency:

In the 2021 Chabua Assembly elections, Ajoy Phukan of Congress will contest against Ponakan Baruah of AGP, Raijor Dol candidate Bhaben Baruah, Independent Candidate Priyanka Neog.

The Chabua Assembly Constituency of Assam state is currently held by Binod Hazarika of BJP. In the 2016 ASSAM Assembly Elections, he beat Raju Sahu of Congress. Binod Hazarika got 59.76 percent of the votes.

But it is also to be noted that according to the political tradition, the symbol of AGP, the elephant symbol, how to taken by the tea garden voters.

Doom Dooma Constituency:

In the 2021 Doom Dooma Assembly elections, Rupesh Gowala of BJP will contest against Durga Bhumij of Congress, Independent candidate Lakheshwar Moran .

The Doom Dooma Assembly Constituency of Assam is currently held by Durga Bhumij of INC. In the 2016 ASSAM Assembly Elections, he beat Dilip Moran of BJP by 783 votes.

Lakshwar Moran, who was denied party ticket after 30 years of service to the BJP, has led to split voters in the BJP's camp.

Duliajan Constituency:

In the 2021 Duliajan Assembly elections, Terash Gowalla of BJP will contest against Dhrubajyoti Gogoi of Congress, AJP Lurinjyoti Gogoi.

The Duliajan Assembly Constituency of Assam state is currently held by Terash Gowalla of BJP. In the 2016 Assam Assembly Elections, he beat Dhruba Jyoti Gogoi of Congress by 51.13 percent of the votes.

The division of voters in the battle of the constituency will play an important role in the victory of the candidates.

The 2021 Assam Legislative Assembly election is the 15th quinquennial legislative assembly election scheduled to be held in Assam from March 27 to April 6 in three phases, to elect 126 MLAs to the 15th Assam Legislative Assembly

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