Dibrugarh gets Assam’s first CNG station

Dibrugarh gets Assam’s first CNG station

Assam isall set to get its first ever Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling station inDibrugarh. Assam Gas Company Limited has installed the station in Chowkidingee.

The CNG stationwill be inaugurated by the Assam Chief Minister on Saturday.

Northeast'sfirst CNG station was installed in Tripura and now the second has beeninstalled in Assam.

The CNGrate is comparatively lower than that of petrol and diesel. Currently, the rateof CNG per kilo is Rs.50, in which a three wheeler auto rickshaw can cover adistance of 42 kms.

Accordingto reports, after the installation of CNG station in Dibrugarh, plans of subsequentstations have been will take form in Tinsukia, Sivasagar, Jorhat, Golaghat andGuwahati.

It may benoted that vehicles using CNG are already being made available in Dibrugarh.This natural gas run auto-rickshaw are available at the market at rates rangingfrom Rs 2.5 lakhs to 2.8 lakhs.

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