Flood Swallows Uzan Bazar

Flood Swallows Uzan Bazar

Guwahati is on the verge of getting inundated by flood waters that have already submerged several areas in the metropolitan district. 

The overflowing water of the Brahmaputra river has finally touched the city through Uzan Bazar and once the river water completely swallows Fancy Bazar and its adjacent areas, the situation will become extremely critical.

Flood precautionary measures by city people (in photos)

Along with the other places of the state which reels under flood, flood situation in Guwahati also continues to deteriorate as the water level is rising at a speed of 2-3 cm per hour.

TheBrahmaputra River that flows through the vital city of the northeastern statecrossed danger mark on Monday.

Accordingto a report of news agency ANI, water is flowing 1.5 cm above danger level andit is increasing 2-3 cm per hour and that the rising water level can be adanger for the city.

However,the areas of Fancy Bazaar, Uzanbazaar, Pandu and other areas are submerged intowater due to the increasing level of water in the Brahmaputra.

Sofar, 11 people have died in the flood which affected nearly 26.5lakh people and31 of the 33 districts in the state have been affected by flood which isworsening with every passing hour.

Moreover,95 percent of Kaziranga National Park has been submerged under water affectingmany animals.

Accordingto reports, Barpeta is the worst-hit district with 7.35 lakh people facing theflood fury followed by Morigaon as 3.50 lakh people have been affected byflood. In Dhubri, 3.38 lakh people are hit by flood, according to the AssamState Disaster Management Authority.

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