Massive job-card scam in Mayong

Massive job-card scam in Mayong

A massive corruption in the name of constructing embankment under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Gurantee Act (MGNREGA) has come to light in Assam's Mayong area, where several crores of funds have been pocketed by the top government officials using fake identity of job-card holders.

The corruption has been reported in the construction of the embankment from Sagalikota to Kasasila area under Mayong Block in Morigaon district. Several thousand job-card holders were engaged in the construction process that began in 2016; but shockingly, the top officials have pocketed a huge amount of money by issuing fake job-cards.

It may be mentioned here that Rs. 18,900 have been released in the name of one Yusuf Ali and his family; but interestingly, Yusuf passed away in 2009 and his wife Jayeda Khatun lives with her only son, who has never got any job-card. Similarly, Aliya, whose husband Samad Ali died some five years ago, also informed that she has not received any money, but interestingly, funds have been released in her husband's name as well.

On the other hand, funds have been also released in the name of several job-card applicants, who have not got the job-cards yet. Monimala Bordoloi or her family members have not got any job-cards yet, but funds have been released in the name of Monimala, whereas the lady is yet to get the job-card or get engaged in any government works. Similarly, several thousand fake job-cards have been issued and government funds have been released accordingly to the unnamed accounts with respect to these job cards.

Asper sources, top officials of Mayong Block Development Office, DRDO office,Mayong circle office and contractors were involved in the scam.

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