Tea workers protest in Barfalang Tea Estate

Tea workers protest in Barfalang Tea Estate

On Tuesday, All Assam Tea Student Association (AATSA) has been carried out a protest in Barfalang Tea Estate in Khumtai.

As per reports, the protestors have a long term demand of increasing 20% ofbonus to the tea workers of 2018-2019 year.

But it has been alleged that, despite they have been protesting for the fulfillmentof their demand, but the Tea estate authority has not been responding at all totheir protest. Today, the protesters started the protest from Barfalang DurgaTemple and gave a memorandum about their needs and demands to the Tea Estateauthority.

The protesters added that, if the authority will not listen and take initiative to give their bonus as soon as it possible, they will stand for greater protest in this regard.

It may be stated that, AATSA has been carried out such protest in various tea estates across the state taking the same demand of their bonus.

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