Assam Govt Allows To Carry 100% Passengers in Public Transport

Assam Govt Allows To Carry 100% Passengers in Public Transport

The Health and Family Welfare department of Assam has accepted the request of the Assam Motor Transport Association of carrying 100% of passengers in public transport ensuring compliance with some terms and conditions.

The transport association had on earlier discussed with the government of Assam regarding the hike in bus fare or to allow the carrying of 100% of passengers in public transport. The association has also called an indefinite strike against various demands from October 5 and a meeting was held on October 6 with the transport department where it has been decided that no bus fare will be hiked as of now and that the other demands will be met soon.

The health department has now given consent on carrying 100% passengers with the following conditions:

1. The vehicles will not carry passengers more than the allowed seating capacity.

2. No passengers will be allowed to travel standing in the vehicle.

3. The passengers will wear masks and no passenger will be allowed to board the vehicle without wearing mask.

4. The vehicle owners will ensure the availability of sanitizer in the vehicle.

5. The vehicle will be sanitized after every completion of a journey on a route.

6. The driver and other staff will wear masks at all times in the vehicle.

The motor transport association is likely to wind up the strike from Friday (October 9).

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