Dibrugarh: AMCH Doctors Successfully Removes 30 Kg Tumor from 16-Yr-Old Girl

Dibrugarh: AMCH Doctors Successfully Removes 30 Kg Tumor from 16-Yr-Old Girl

A team of doctors in Assam Medical College and Hospital (AMCH) in Dibrugarh has successfully removed a 30-kg ovarian tumor from a 16-year-old girl.

Principal cum Chief Superintendent of AMCH, Sanjeeb Kakati said that the girl was in a very critical condition due to intubation difficulty at the first attempt but senior physician Dr. Karuna Das successfully resuscitated and incubated her after a technically challenging maneuver.

Kakati further informed that the patient's vital organs were stable after extubation and that she is fine.  "The mass was densely adherent and had a large fluid mass creating the girl's daily livelihood a very difficult one and she had to undergo a life-saving emergency operation," he added.

"It was a significant achievement in the history of AMCH because the doctors of AMCH have proved their capability once again. We are very proud of our doctors," Kakati said.

"It was a critical surgery which took a long time to perform but our team of senior doctors has successfully done the surgery," he added.

The emergency Gynecology and Anaesthesia team led by Prof Dr. R. Sonowal & his team (Dr. Pranati Dutta & Dr Aiswarya Lekshmi) did the surgery.

Anesthesia was given by Associate Prof Dr. K K DAS (VA), Dr. Amarendra Deka, Dr. R. Giri Prasshant, Dr. Kaushal Bijlani, Dr. Sudipa Paul & Dr. Chiradeep Sengupta and nurse Rekha Jyoti.

"The entire team wishes speedy recovery of the young patient as she successfully overcomes a difficult time," he said.

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