Timber smugglers uproot three forests

Timber smugglers uproot three forests

Forest Minister Parimal Suklabaidya has failed to safeguard the forests from destruction. The corrupt forest officials have carried on loot and Commission-Raj pushing Holong tree, which is widely available in the Tinsukia district, on the verge of extinction.

According to reports, it is under Doomdooma's DFO KZ Jinna and Khatangpani forest official Hiren Medok that these amount of timber syndicate has been possible.

Torani, Burhidihing and Duarmara had abundance of Holong Trees and as per sources, smugglers have already sweeped out all the aforementioned trees from Duarmara Reserved Forest. The other two reserved forests are on the way to depletion.

There have also been various allegations of Jinna accepting commissions worth lakhs from timber smugglers. These smugglers on the other hand have managed Doomdooma DFO, Sadiya Forest range Officer, Talap Forest Range Officer and various other forest officials.

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