"Who Has Invested Rs 20,000 Crs in Adani's Shell Companies?": Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi also questioned Gautam Adani’s relation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi addresses media on Saturday.
Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi addresses media on Saturday.

A day after being disqualified as Lok Sabha MP, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi hits back at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi questioning whose ₹20,000 crores has gone into industrialist Gautam Adani’s shell companies as he himself couldn’t have generated the amount.

Rahul also questioned Gautam Adani’s relationship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Addressing a press conference in New Delhi, Rahul said, “A few weeks back in parliament where I asked the prime minister a very specific set of question. Question no. 1 ₹20,000 crore are in shell companies owned by business tycoon Adani, he could not have generated this money.  He is into infrastructure business, where did this money come from? Whose money is it?  These companies are working in the defence sector and there is also a Chinese national involved in this, why is nobody asking the question who is this Chinese national?”

Rahul claimed to have shown a set of proof including the picture of prime minister relaxing with Adani in a private plane in the parliament.

“I also gave documentation about the defence industry, about the airports, about the statements made in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Pictures of PM Modi sitting with the state bank chairman in Australia. Immediately after that, the BJP started its work, my speech was expunged. I wrote a letter to the speaker with a detailed explanation on the defence industry, on the airports, with press clippings, supporting documents, legal documents and said this is the supporting foundation of my speech. I have not made this speech or not invented this, this is detailed research, and here it is, nothing happened. Nothing was revoked. My speech today is not a part of the record in parliament. The same was done with Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge. After that BJP ministers lied about me in the parliament.  They made the statement to distract from the Adani issue, the whole game-disqualification and all these statements are to distract from the central question whose ₹20,000 crore is it?”

Rahul further stated that the BJP minister had accused him for seeking support from foreign forces to help India.

“This is the most ridiculous statement; I have never made such a statement.  One can look at all the conversations I had in United Kingdom. A minister lied in the flood of the house, I wrote to the speaker saying that it’s my right as a member of parliament to state my position when somebody makes an accusation. My first letter was not answered. I then wrote another letter with more details stating the names of the BJP ministers and what was said in the parliament. But, still there was no reply from the speaker. I then went to the speaker’s chamber asking what is going on. We live in a democracy, you are the defender of that democracy, why you not letting me to make my statement. The speaker smiles and said I cannot do that. This is the whole drama that has been orchestrated to defend the prime minister from the simple question whose ₹20,000 crore went into Adani’s Shell companies?”

Meanwhile, the former Wayanad MP said that he doesn’t scare of any disqualification, allegations made by the BJP ministers or prison sentences by the court.

The disqualified Congress leader also mentioned that he will continue asking the question about the PM Modi-Adani relationship.

“I don’t care about me getting disqualified or being sentenced to jail. These people don’t understand me yet that I am not scared of them. I will continue to ask the question what is prime minister’s relation with Adani. This is an old relationship which began when PM Modi became chief minister of Gujarat,” Rahul said concluded his statement.

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi addresses media on Saturday.
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