"No Hint Of Action..." Bhupen Borah Shocked How ED Missed Jayanta Mallabaruah

The latter had allegedly openly offered contracts worth crores to Congress leaders urging them to join the BJP in Assam.
Assam Congress chief Bhupen Borah has lashed out at Jayanta Mallabaruah
Assam Congress chief Bhupen Borah has lashed out at Jayanta Mallabaruah

A minister of the Assam cabinet openly offered Rs 25 crores and there is no hint of action against him, said Bhupen Borah, president of Congress unit in Assam on Sunday.

Bhupen Borah, the Assam Congress chief sat in an emergency closed-doors meeting with Debabrata Saikia, the Leader of Opposition in the state legislative assembly in the wake of senior party leader Suresh Bora leaving with ongoing speculations of him joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The meeting between the two top Congress leaders took place at the official residence of Debabrata Saikia after which, Bhupen Borah addressed the media.

Right from the onset, Bhupen Borah launched a scathing attack on the BJP taking names and saying that money is above everything for them.

He said, "The chief minister had discussed the matter with me before he left Congress to join BJP. I was openly offered Rs 25 crores by Jayanta Mallabaruah. For them, money is above everything else."

"But, I want to remind them that not everyone comes to power for money. If you look into my history, you will see for yourself," said Bhupen Borah.

The Assam Congress chief further said, "It is shocking how someone who used to ride a motorcycle few years back is offering crores of rupees to me."

In an apparent jibe at the BJP-led Centre, Bhupen Borah said that if these words had been uttered by any other person, central agencies like Enforcement Directorate (ED) would be hot on their heels.

"If any other person in politics had said those things, ED would be on the lookout for them. But even after a cabinet minister openly utters those words, there is no sign of ED. It is really shocking," added Bhupen Borah.

Meanwhile, addressing the departure of Suresh Bora who is expected to join the ruling BJP in Assam, Bhupen Borah said, "Within tomorrow, a senior Congress leader will be appointed in Nagaon. Until then, Rana Goswami has been given charge for supervision."

In concluding attack, Bhupen Borah remarked, "Tremors will be felt when an illegal coal mine comes crashing down."

Assam Congress chief Bhupen Borah has lashed out at Jayanta Mallabaruah
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