Assam Universities under the watch

Assam Universities under the watch

The Universities of Assam are under watches of police and the intelligence officials have infiltrated into most of the WhatsApp groups having political leadings.

This came following the direction from the highest level at the last DGP's conference in December 2019 at Pune, which was attended by the Prime Minister of Indi a Narendra Modi.

FROMkeeping a watch on universities where people may indulge in "activitiesthreatening the country's integrity" to infiltrating their WhatsApp groups —these are among the many initiatives listed in a note circulated to top policeofficers in states after the annual conference of Directors General of Police(DGPs) and Inspectors General of Police (IGPs) held in December in Pune andaddressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Policeofficers who attended the conference and who later reviewed the set ofdirectives told media that the objective is to be aware of activities takingplace on university campuses.

"Emphasishas been laid at the conference on being in touch with the student community,to have prior knowledge of any potentially sensitive situation and prepare forit. We should not be caught in a situation where someone springs a surprise onus," said a DGP who attended the conference, but did not want to be named.

Theseinstructions are part of a lengthy list of the 'action points' which wererecently circulated to police forces across the country after thethree-day-long conference at the Indian Institute of Science Education andResearch in Pune between December 6 and 8, 2019.

Anothersenior IPS officer said maintaining a watch on WhatsApp conversations isstandard policing practice. "At every level, we make sure our people are partof WhatsApp groups run by different political parties, by those of right-wingand left-wing thought, of Muslims, Dalits, trade and labour unions, studentsand other organisations and bodies planning protests or demonstrations," saidthe official.

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