Mob Vandalizes BJP Office In Manipur's Thongju

The mob allegedly stormed the office on Friday night and vandalized the place by tearing down posters and destroying the furniture.
Mob Vandalizes BJP Office In Manipur's Thongju
Mob Vandalizes BJP Office In Manipur's ThongjuPic - ANI

An office of the ruling BJP in Manipur’s Thongju was reportedly vandalized by an irate mob on Friday night.

The mob allegedly stormed the office on Friday night and vandalized the place by tearing down posters and destroying the furniture. No injury or casualty was reported at the time of filing this report.

The incident was reported at BJP's Head Office of Thongju Assembly Constituency BJP located at Khongman Okram Chuthek.

The mob tried to burn the BJP Mandal office, however after hot argument with the localities, the mob receded from their attempt.

The office was however completely vandalised.

Earlier on Thursday, a mob torched the residence of Union Minister of State for External Affairs RK Ranjan Singh at Imphal’s Kongba. Singh expressed shock at the incident saying that the "law and order situation in Manipur has failed".

Singh said that he had constructed his house with prayers and was unable to understand why it was targeted.

"Someone tries to vandalize it, demolish, I feel shocked. I never expect such kind of attitude and activities from my fellow citizens of this state. I pray to God also not to happen again. This is the second time, the first time, I anyhow convinced them and the security protected.... that was in early evening. This time yesterday it was late night, around 10:30. Everything was normal, suddenly crowds of people came and attacked, I was told," Singh said.

The minister was in Kerala when the house was set on fire. He said that fire brigades could not enter the place as people created blockages as they had surrounded the house.

"I do not know why they are attacking. There is no reason. In the whole process, I am trying to bring the peace, senior ministers and colleagues to bring normalcy in the state. In the meanwhile, this kind of unwanted incident happened. If my sons and daughters and family happens to be here...that burning and throwing of petrol, it seems to attempt on my life also," he said.

"Law and order condition in Manipur is a total failure. The existing government could not maintain peace that's why the central government has sent a lot of protections and Rapid Action Force. I don't know how the state mechanism is failure, I feel like that," he added.

He further said that the there were about 50 miscreants who had attacked his house.

"It is extremely sad to see what happened last night. I was told that more than 50 miscreants attacked my home. Damage has been done to the ground floor and the first floor of my residence. Neither me or anybody from my family was present during that time. Thankfully, nobody got injured,” he said.

Notably, Singh hails from the Meiti community and has been making efforts for restoration of peace in Manipur which has witnessed ethnic violence.

"An eye for an eye will make the whole world go blind. Violence doesn't help any cause. Those who are indulging in this violence are doing a huge disservice to the nation. It also reflects that they are enemies of humanity," Singh said.

On Wednesday, miscreants tried to burn down the official residence of Manipur minister Nemcha Kipgen in Imphal West. His home was partly burnt.

The state government has further extended shutdown on internet in the state up to June 20.

Mob Vandalizes BJP Office In Manipur's Thongju
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