Vantage Circle Observed the No-Shave November Movement

The employees of Vantage Circle show solidarity toward cancer patients and contribute to the cause.
Vantage Circle Observed the No-Shave November Movement
Vantage Circle Observed the No-Shave November Movement

Vantage Circle, a Guwahati-based global leading employee engagement platform, has been actively observing a month-long campaign to acknowledge a noble cause in the form of 'No Shave November'.

'No-Shave November' is defined as a month-long journey where men avoid shaving and grooming to increase cancer awareness and discussion about cancer. It means embracing the hair lost by many cancer patients during their chemotherapy treatment and allowing this hair to grow wild and free.

With the immense surge of cancer today. Vantage Circle and its employees voluntarily raised a fund to help the people fighting Cancer by contributing to B.Borooah Cancer Society Trust's Patient Care Fund.

As a part of this initiative, raising awareness regarding cancer and showing solidarity towards those who are impacted because of this. Vantage Circle encouraged its male employees to grow their beards and mustaches by putting down their razors for 30 days and the Women employees to participate by letting their legs go natural and avoiding that waxing appointment for the month of November and to donate their monthly grooming and beauty maintenance expenses to the cause of cancer patients.

Anjan Pathak CTO and Co-Founder of Vantage Circle, said "In our attempt to make our contribution towards the cause of cancer, we are collaborating with Dr. Bhubaneswar Borocah Cancer Institute, a unit of Tata Memorial Cancer Institute, where we would be contributing an amount to the cancer care fund of the cancer institute."

Vantage Circle also conducted a Cancer Awareness Session in collaboration with Assam Cancer Care Foundation. During the session Dr. Subrata Chanda and Mr. Ramen Barman from the Cancer Care Foundation enlightened the employees with their valuable insights on various types of Cancer symptoms, treatment, precautions, and Cancer Management, followed by a Question/Answer session.

Vantage Circle Observed the No-Shave November Movement
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