50+ Sweet Nicknames for Your Boyfriend (2024)

Sweet Nicknames for Your Boyfriend
Sweet Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

Ready to add a dash of sweetness to your relationship? It's that time when calling your boyfriend by a cute and affectionate nickname feels just right. While their friends and family may know them by their regular name, it's the special monikers you give them that truly show your love and closeness. Whether it's a playful inside joke, a nod to their favorite snack (hello, pickle!), or simply a sweet term of endearment, the nicknames you choose carry a deeper level of intimacy.

From classic endearments like "babe" and "sweetheart" to more unique ones like "honey bunny," the options are endless. Mixing and matching or sticking to just one, the right nickname will make their heart flutter during your next romantic moment or flirty text exchange.

Here are some sweet nicknames for your boyfriend

  • Babe

  • Baby

  • Honey Bunny

  • Honey Bun

  • Honey

  • Hun

  • Cutie

  • Cutie Pie

  • Love Bug

  • Sweetheart

  • Sweetie

  • Sweets

  • Sweet Pea

  • Love

  • Lover

  • Boo

  • Bubba

  • Bubs

  • Darling

  • Hot Stuff

  • My Love

  • My Favorite

  • Bug

  • Bunny

  • Pumpkin

  • Squishy

  • Squish

  • Cutie Patootie

  • Muffin

  • Stud Muffin

  • My Person

  • Mi Amor (“My Love” in Spanish)

  • My World

  • My Sweet

  • Light of My Life

  • Pooh Bear

  • Mon Chéri (“My Dear” in French)

  • Sunshine

  • Dear

  • Bean

  • Jellybean

  • My Guy

  • Snuggle Bug

  • Nugget

  • Pickle

  • Sweet Cheeks

  • Handsome

  • Handsome Man

  • Their middle name

  • A shortened version of their first name

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