MP Celebrates Cow Hug Day Today

‘Cow Hug Day’ was celebrated in Jabalpur district.
MP Celebrates Cow Hug Day Today
MP Celebrates Cow Hug Day Today

When the rest of the world was celebrating Valentine’s Day, a district in Madhya Pradesh celebrated ‘Cow Hug day’ on Tuesday.

According to reports, ‘Cow Hug Day’ was celebrated in Jabalpur district.

Chairman of the Working Committee of Madhya Pradesh Gopalan and Pashudhan Promotion Board, Mahamandaleshwar Swami Akhileshwaranand Giri celebrated the cow hug day by worshipping cows at his residence in the district on the occasion.

He was quoted by ANI saying, “Today is celebrated as Valentine's Day and we are against it because this day neither creates compassion, nor affection, nor affinity, nor affection, nor love, it only creates lust. That's why we protested against it and gave a call to celebrate Cow Hug Day.”

“We supported the organisation (Animal Welfare Board of India) which appealed to celebrate it. Nonetheless, later the organisation withdrew its appeal but our support was not withdrawn, and we appealed to the people to hug the cow and go near the cow. When we go near the cow, then only we will be able to understand the importance of the cow, so we have started it,” he said.

Giving a message to the youth, Swami Giri said, "Do love nature, love is natural for us, but we should not use love as lust. Love should be such that it lasts for life. At present Vasantutsav (Spring season) is going on and you should also participate in it, so to keep your mind pure, do pure love and love with nature."

MP Celebrates Cow Hug Day Today
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On the other hand, a few women were also spotted celebrating the 'Cow Hug Day' by hugging cows and feeding grass to them.

A woman, Jyoti Jain told ANI, "Today, we are celebrating Cow Hug Day. We strongly oppose Valentine's Day which is celebrated on February 14. On the appeal of Swami Akhileshwaranand Giri, we celebrated it and will celebrate it every year."

Earlier, the AWBI issued an appeal urging people to celebrate Cow Hug Day on Valentine's Day (February 14).

Later on, in a statement, the AWBI said, "As directed by the Competent Authority and Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, the appeal issued by the Animal Welfare Board of India for the celebration of Cow Hug Day on 14th February, 2023 stands withdrawn."

(with inputs from ANI)

MP Celebrates Cow Hug Day Today
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